Option 1

  • 100-150W Solar Panel (max)
  • 6 Light Bulbs of 10 Hours
  • 5-6 Hours of TV
  • 2-3 Hours of Charging
  • 4-6 Hours of Fan
  • 4 Hours of Washer/Dryer
  • 4-5 Hours of Computer
  • 2 Hours of Ironing

Option of future expansion, as needed

Option 2

  • 150-300W Solar Panel (max)
  • 8 Light Bulbs of 12 Hours
  • 6-10 Hours of TV
  • 3-4 Hours of Charging
  • 10 Hours of Fan
  • 8 Hours of Washer/Dryer
  • 4-6 Hours of Computer
  • 2 Hours of Ironing

Option of future expansion, as needed


Our renewable energy solution for commercial and industrial customers is to reduce energy cost and dependence on expansive and unreliable utility services. We deploy smart MiniGrid, BioGrid and WindGrid hybrid technologies. Our technologies come with value added renewable energy enterprises to provide affordable clean energy to residential areas and businesses including the agri-food chain.

Government & International Organizations

We work with state and federal governments in Somalia to develop renewable, electrification policies, bridging the gap between donor/NGOs and governments through private-public partnerships (P3) to achieve UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). Improving and enhancing energy infrastructure investment prioritization, aligning with national development plans.

Now offering PAYGO

Power OffGrid is committed to offering clean energy to everyone based on energy demand and affordability. We accommodate our customers and they’re able to utilize any mobile banking services available (such as PAYGO) and will be provided the service level that best suits their household needs. Customers will pay a standard down payment of 30-50%, up-front and will make small monthly payments afterward, paying the product off within 24 months. For those customers that are unable to meet the down payment requirements, we will evaluate the situation based on their income and provide add-on options as part of their monthly payment. We make sure to provide electric accessibility to everyone, regardless of their income level!

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Thanks for allowing us to use our goat as a down-payment to exchange solar!
Axmed Customer
Thanks for providing us with a 2 week course in renewable energy training!
Aaden Customer
No more kerosene lamps!
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