Disruptive Innovation Model

Power OffGrid is leading distributive innovation renewable energy solution models. Delivering high performance, reliable and affordable, clean energy turn-key projects in Jowhar and Mogadishu, Somalia. Our portfolio of smart on and off-grid solutions include;

  • PAYGO for residential and commercial shops
  • Wind power rural electrification through WindGrid
  • Biogas rural electrification through BioGrid
  • Smart Farming, empowering farmers and pastoralists

Goats for Solar Energy


Goats for Solar Energy

We exchange goats for solar energy! #Goat4kWh

Smart Farming

Saving money, time and energy

Smart Farming

Smart Farming is an enabling enviroment innovation tool that reduces farmers energy cost and generates multiple incomes to improve the agri-food chain.

Solar Electric Vehicles

saving money, energy and time

Electric Vehicles

We use solar electric vehicles to transport farm harvest



Affordable, Clean, Energy Access

Providing rent-to-own solar home systems

Wind Grid

Decentralizing renewable energy solutions

Electrifying Rural Communities

Wind Power as an alternative to solar PV is growing fast and cheaper. We will be the first company in Somalia to manufacture wind rotor blades. Launching 5kw Wind Power projects soon.


Alternative clean cooking


Our waste-to-energy green technology is the solution for Somalias 13k/yr indoor pollution deaths (99% women), deforestation, gender-based violence and access to clean cooking, benefiting rural economies and tackling environmental challenges such as waste management.